Places where you can play bingo for a beginner

05Here are a few big brands who have created a real presence on the web. These sites have some of the best collection of games for their players. They have gained attention because of their online presence for tech savvy customers as well as their well designed, user friendly interfaces. Having launched in the 1992, the online version of the popular games have generated huge revenues of more than 1 billion in the last few years.

Casino bingo

To give it a sophisticated appeal, online bingo is played with a random number generator instead of regular balls used in the offline version. Through online bingo, one can be connected to poker and casino games as well as use the chat functionality which helps to reach out to other players. This has led to an increase in interaction between gamers worldwide. One of the most effective ways to build customers for the game is to offer the best online bingo promotions as is seen with several companies who want to make it big in the industry.

Here are few of the top 5 online bingo promotions to watch out for this year:

Foxy Bingo

Here you can get a welcome offer of $5, absolutely free of cost on signing up. The fun doesn’t end here since you’ll be offered bonus deposits, guaranteed bingo jackpots worth $160k every week, pre buy jackpots, free bingo games for weekdays which change every week, plus loyalty points for being there for a stipulated time. All these offers are specially designed to promote the site on the internet just like its offline counterpart.

Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo gives players scintillating offers where there are chances of winning real cash jackpots. Being the number one site when it comes to offering quality games, the company has designed huge weekly jackpots for their game lovers along with excellent monthly promo schemes. You can refer your friends and spend quality time playing with them. Every one of the online bingo promotions Costa Bingo offers will rock your world

Cheeky Bingo

When it comes to promotional schemes, Cheeky Bingo leads the pack. You will find 300% bonus deposits with £20 free to begin with! You can also get a free offer of £5 for the first month after you sign up and play over 20,000 free games of bingo with real cash each month. In addition, the site gives you the facility to play and chat as well to add a social aspect to the proceedings.


One of the biggest in the UK market, Ladbrokes rewards their players with special offers every week and month. You can win great bonus offers, on the house rewards, free bingo games, also known as “Bonus back bingo” and “Super free bingo” to enhance your gaming experience. You can also get a £10,000 Lunch Special from the company as part of their online bingo promotions.


Get enormous online bingo promotional offers from Bingobytes such as LBN’s Bounty for loyalty, Birthday boons, Jackpot bash, cash back cake, newbie bonus feast, deposit special, welcome bonus as well as chat games when you sign up with the site. You can also refer your friend to the site, tweet them, subscribe to blogs and participate in the break time quizzer to receive the best promotions designed by the company. Bingobytes is sure to make your gambling lives richer with some of the best online bingo promotions.